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Why Is There a Big Difference In Quotations By Different Sign Manufacturers?

Why Is There a Big Difference In Quotations By Different Sign Manufacturers?


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During the inquiry period with the sign manufacturers, we will find an obvious problem that the quotation difference between different sign manufacturers for the same product is huge. But how to choose? If you choose a low the lowest price, you will be worried that the quality is can not be guaranteed, but you are worried about being cheated if you choose a high-priced productproduct but the quality is poor. It is the human nature to have such a contradictioncontradictory psychology, we cannot don’t know the fields that we are not familiar with, and naturally we cannot make accurate judgments. So, why ther there is a huge difference in the quotes given by different sign manufacturers for the same sign project?

The first reason is the brand premium. In the past few decades, as the traditional manufacturing industry, there is no brand premium in sign industry, because everyone has no the brand awareness. Going back to the brand premium itself, for example, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz, with the same level of models, Mercedes-Benz prices are often more than twice the price of Toyota. From R&D design to supply chain to production quality control, Toyota does not seem to be weaker than Mercedes-BenzBenz at all, even better, but this does not affect Mercedes-Benz's high-end positioning. The high-price strategy can still be traversed in the market, at least for now. This is the power of brand value.

The second reason is the raw materialsmaterials used. There is a variety of ways to achieve the same effect in a single sign product, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, with a building sign project, different manufacturers will give diferent different advice to use iron sheets, galvanized sheets, stainless steel or other production solutions, and each material has a variety of specifications and thickness options, which means that the final product effect is roughly equivalent, but the prices due to different raw materials will be very different.

The third reason is the different process. If there is no special requirement for the illuminating signage, it is relatively simple and conventional to use the metal sheet, acrylic, and LED. However, if a pure metal sheet is used for the production, it usually needs to be made into a punching type. The process is much more complicated, whether it is punching, assembly or wiring. If color is required, different ways will be used to deal with it and the final effect will be different. These will inevitably lead to different quotations.

The fourth reason is that quality control and services are different. These factors are generally difficult to quantify to do the assessment in a way similar to raw materials, but the differences in these details are also huge, and the corresponding costs are quite different. So the final product quality and price are not the same.

Through the analysis of the above aspects, we can clearly see why there are so many differences in the quotation of different logo design and production manufacturers. Generally speaking, you You get what you pay foroff. Customers need to consider comprehensively comprehensively considering when making choices, and make decisions based on the actual needs.

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