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Why is acrylic a good material for light boxes?

Why is acrylic a good material for light boxes?


In a night of the city, we are very easy to be attracted by a variety of colorful shiny billboards, such as, advertising light box made of acrylic has good display effect, it is a high-tech product that combines optical technology with digital printing technology, also name as the light guide panel slim light box, make the display of products more eye-catching and shining. 

So why is acrylic a good material for light boxes? Above all, as we all know, casting acrylic sheet is mainly used for decoration, sculpture, craft production and so on. Its performance is relatively good, but the price is relatively high. And extruded acrylic sheets are often used to make billboards, light boxes, etc.

Firstly, when making advertising acrylic signs board , people usually consider the cost and quality of product. To choose suitable materials means to ensure the quality and effect of light boxes. So acrylic sheet is the most effective and promising material compared with other materailes, such as plastic light box cloth and PC sheet.

Secondly, when making advertising light boxes with acrylic sheet, it is necessary to measure the mechanical properties of the sheet accurately, leave enough flexibility allowance, and take full account of the wind load that the facade can withstand. To ensure the usage of the common environment is not the only situation, but also we need to consider the use of special environment. Before the design and manufacture of light box, designers need to consider the maximum expected operating temperature of materials. Compared with ordinary materials, acrylic sheet has better linear tension curve performance.

In short, acrylic light box has the characteristics of stable performance, beautiful appearance, good use effect and long service life. It is most widely used in advertising light boxes.

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