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Where there is a neon sign, there is a business

Where there is a neon sign, there is a business


Marketing and advertising can make or break a business. When comes to advertising your brand, there is still nothing as classic and effective as a personalized neon sign. This century-old technology is a great way to communicate with your customers and give your brand more exposure.

It is extremely beneficial in increasing customer flow, especially for smaller businesses. Eye-catching custom-made neon signs beckon customers to stop by. There are timeless, fun, appealing, and welcoming. Seen the world around, neon letter signs bring brands, big or small, famous or unknown, to light, attracting customers’ attention with a bright, colorful message. 

Tips for choosing commercial neon sign

For business, if you can’t attract constant new flows of customers, you will have a hard time promoting sales and being successful. Neon is still one of the most popular and versatile sign today. It is widely used in restaurants bars, stores, to attract customers at night. Its beauty and vivid color provide the best eye-catching image to customers to engage. But how to choose it? Here we will walk you through a few tips for choosing the perfect neon sign for advertising your business.

1. The colors

When you are confused about what color to choose, the easiest way is using the color featured in your company’s logo or your company’s interior decoration. However, if you want to stand out more, this may not be enough. You should consider using bolder, brighter colors, or a more unique and striking color combination. If you are placing a large neon letter sign on the outside of a building, considering the colors that march the building’s exterior and can be seen clearly from afar. 

Still struggling to choose the colors, consult us, we can offer professional advice according to your needs.

2. The sizes

The size of your neon signage depends on the size of your storefront and where you want to place it. 

If you want to put a neon logo signage on the exterior, you should choose a size that is visible from a long distance, but careful to not go overhead. The large your storefront is, the bigger your neon logo can be. Of course, bigger is not always better. The right proportion is critical.

If you plan to mount or hang a decorative neon sign or letters in your window display or on the interior wall, it is better to choose one that is exquisite, small yet noticeable.

3. What message you want to convey to customers

Whatever you want to say to your customers, investors, or employees, you should make sure it is clear and concise. Avoid using too much words. You know, several neon illuminated letters look eye-pleasing, but a bunch of it can create visual clutter. And choose the right font can make your neon sign more eye-catching and stand out.

4.With image or not

Incorporating an image to your advertising neon sign is recommended as it can more directly convey your message, such as what business you are working on, what product you sell. For example. a neon sign with an image of a coffee cup directly tells customers here is where you can get a cup of fresh coffee.

Make sure, the added image should be connected to your brand.

5. Your budget

How much you want to spend on your neon logo matters a lot. It determines certain factors like sizes, materials, design complexity. If you are looking for a quality product that will serve for a long time, you should consider investing a bit more. And ready-made neon signs often cost lower than the custom-made ones. Personalized neon sign can fit your purpose more perfectly. 

Cosun - the best neon sign manufacturer to advertise your brand

To make your advertising jobs easier and more effective, Cosun offers high-quality advertising neon signs in a variety of colors, designs, sizes. We can also customize a personalized and color-changing neon sign that can perfectly fit your business type, promotion strategy, decoration style, highlighting your business, illuminating your building, and creating a positive first impression. 

Old neon signage can be a hassle due to their difficult installation, disassembling, and maintenance, as well as the high energy consumption, but that is not the case with modern neon signs. 

At Cosun, there is the latest technology - LED neon. Our LED neon light sign is easy to install, low maintenance, and energy-saving. And our LED neon letters are manufactured to the strictest standards, and meet all the necessary local electrical and building codes.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have on custom-made LED neon signs. Our team of professionals will work with you from design, manufacturing, to installation and maintenance, in order to ensure that every project is completed to your satisfaction. We take pride in what we do. Contact us now and get the right neon signage to bring more exposure to your brand, attract more customers, and boost your business.

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