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What Should You Pay Attention to During the Laser Cutting Process of High-end Sign?

What Should You Pay Attention to During the Laser Cutting Process of High-end Sign?


High-end sign products not only have high requirements for product design and creativity, but also have higher standards for production than conventional products. The surface of a high-quality logo product must not have a curved surface other than the design curvature, and the smoothness and flatness requirements is extremely high. Using the traditional mechanical cutting in the past, no matter how senior the marking craftsman can't guarantee the smooth transition effect of the cutting surface, even the flatness of the straight cutting surface. This is not cheating on workmanship and materials, but is limited by the machinery and equipment at that time.

In 2019, this problem has been solved in essence, and the wide application of large-scale laser cutting machines in the sign industry has greatly facilitated the production of signs. However, modern digitally controlled large-scale laser cutting machines have many risks for new staffs who do not have the basics of numerical control and occupational health. The laser can easily cut hard materials such as steel plates and we can see how powerful is the energy of the laser. In the process of high-end sign production, the rules of large-scale laser cutting machines must be valued by sign manufacturers to avoid accidents and cause personal injury. The items that need attention during the operation are reflected in the following four aspects.

1.Before operating the machine, you must undergo rigorous training and be familiar with the operating specifications and basic knowledge of equipment maintenance. As with electric welding and aerial work, rigorous vocational training is required in many industries, including the sign industry. Only qualified personnel can work on the job.

2.Operators must wear gloves and special protective glasses. For regular mechanical work, gloves are required. In the sign industry, various metal plates are used, so it is more necessary to wear gloves. As for special protective glasses, our most common scenario is that the operator wear a mask during the welding process to protect the eyes while preventing accidental injury from sparks. The laser of the laser cutting machine has higher energy than the electric welding, so the protective equipment is more important;

3.The laser cutting machine must close the protective door before operation. As with the electric welding, the protective measures must be taken before operation. However, the laser cutting machine is more user-friendly, and the cutting area is closed by the large machine casing, and only a certain range of inlet and outlet passages and special protective doors for equipment maintenance are reserved. All protective doors must be closed before the light-out operation, ensuring that the laser cutting process is completed inside the machine;

4.Unprotected windows are forbidden during cutting. Due to the special construction of large laser cutting machines, different types of visual windows are set in all directions of the machine. Some windows do not have protective measures due to functional properties, so the operators Or non-operating visitors are not allowed to observe the window privately. The working state and process of the laser cutting machine must be observed through the protective window under the guidance of professional operators.

In general, under the general trend of people's pursuit of fine work, transformation and upgrading have been fully rolled out in all walks of life in the whole society. High-end logo design and production is an inevitable choice of the times, and the "High-end Oriented", "preciseness" and "modernization" must be realized by means of sophisticated machinery and equipment, and new equipment needs to be operated by relevant professional staff. The manufacturing process of industrial products is originally a high-risk area of work-related injuries, and improper use of large-scale machines is one of the important causes of these work-related injuries. In order to effectively avoid the safety hazards caused by improper operation of the machine, it is necessary to strengthen the operation training and on-site supervision of new machinery and equipment. The effective landing of the rules can achieve real safe production.

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