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What is the best way to clean acrylic sign?

What is the best way to clean acrylic sign?


In the context that the domestic acrylic industry continues to grow and develop, acrylic products become very common in our lives. The characteristics of acrylic, such as easy machining and high transparency, allow the wide use of acrylic products.

Here are some tips to clean acrylic signs. 

1. It is a technical job to clean acrylic signs. Not all cleaners can be used, and you have to select the right one. The selection of cleaners should be based on the materials of the signs. The cleaners for general acrylic signs include all-around cleaner, neutral cleaner and bright PMMA cleaner. They can be selected according to the product instructions and the material of the acrylic sign.

2. All tools used in the cleaning should be well sequenced. This is because acrylic signs are generally large in size and high in horizontal position. The tools needed are aerial work series, such as ladders, high-pressure jets, soft cloth, watering cans, sponges, clean cloth and so on.

3. Before the cleaning, first make sure whether the acrylic signs have been used for many years, whether the acrylic signs are aging or weathered seriously, and whether they can be cleaned. It the answer is “No”, notify the advertisers to replace the signs.

4. When you are not sure whether the cleaner could be used to clean the acrylic sign, you need to have a test by applying it to some areas of the sign for washing. If there is nothing abnormal, you can use the cleaner to wash the whole acrylic sign. If you find discoloration or fading, you should immediately replace it. 

5. In the cleaning process, not only the cleaner can be used, but also some appropriately mixed agents or auxiliary tools can be used according to the situation. The purpose is to better clean the acrylic sign.

Cosun reminds all of you that the most important thing in the cleaning is the safeguard measures. Most acrylic signs have circuits inside, and all power supplies should be cut off before the cleaning. In addition, the cleaning staff should wear helmets and safety belts before cleaning the acrylic sign.

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