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What can clear acrylic sheet do?

What can clear acrylic sheet do?


Acrylic is also called PMMA. Its chemical name is polymethyl methacrylate. It is an important thermoplastic developed earlier. It has good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, easy dyeing, and easy processing. Its research and development has gone through more than one hundred years.

The polymerization of acrylic acid was first discovered in 1872; the polymerization of methacrylic acid was known in 1880; the research into the synthesis of propylene polypropionate was completed in 1901; the industrialization of the said synthesis was tried in 1927; the development of the industrial manufacturing of methyl acid ester was achieved in 1937, which was a basis for scaled manufacturing. During the Second World War, acrylic was applied to be the windshield of the aircraft and the sight glass of the tank driver’s cab, based on its excellent toughness and light transmission. In 1948, the world’s first acrylic bathtub was launched, signalizing a new milestone of the application of acrylic. 

Acrylic is widely applied in the world. The application varies according to its physical and chemical differences. Here are some examples. 

1. Aerospace: The front windshield and side windows of the aircraft are generally made of acrylic materials. Of course, it is different from the application in our outdoor advertising. It is a kind of acrylic plate with high impact resistance, high sound insulation and very high tolerance to temperature difference. Of course, the price is very high.

2. Expressway: It is used as the sound insulation board in the middle of the soundproof highway, the city's highway, and between houses. It is also an impact-resistant, highly sound-resistant acrylic board. Of course, it will be processed into a strip patterned one according to special needs.

3. Civil industry

(1) Furniture, table tops, chairs (mostly used as colored plates). 

(2) Catering: fruit plate, tray, and all kinds of food utensils (it is beautiful, environmentally friendly, and its content of formaldehyde, for example, is much lower than ordinary plastics). 

(3) Cosmetics and decoration: various cosmetic packaging, cosmetic trays, shampoo bottles, paper boxes, decorations, etc.). 

With regard to civil applications, much attention is paid to acrylic’s glossiness of appearance, thickness uniformity, design and color, high temperature resistance, and so on. This is also a big use of acrylic. In foreign and Taiwan markets, the civil use of acrylic accounts for a large shares. Almost everyone's life is inseparable from acrylic materials. In the domestic market, it is just a start. 

4. Advertising: The application of acrylic in the advertising industry also makes up a large proportion. Acrylic, due to some special excellent performance, began to be implemented in the outdoor propaganda of some companies with economic strength and development vision. First, they were mainly foreign-funded enterprises, and then some well-known domestic enterprises, especially those having chain stores. For example, McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Sinopec gas station, PetroChina gas station, and A Li cake.

Other applications are in financial industry such as CITIC Industrial Bank, clothing industry such as HLA, and home appliance industry.

All in all, acrylic, with a very wide use, has huge potential to grow.

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