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What are The Quality Control Processes and Standards for Rooftop Signage?

What are The Quality Control Processes and Standards for Rooftop Signage?


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After the rooftop signage are produced, , they are usually glamorous and bright. After powered-on, the lighting effect are so beautiful and attractive. However, this impeccable perfection is not something that can be done easily. It needs the hard working of many staffs in the sign factory, especially the quality inspection staff. And the quality control processes and standards for rooftop signage is also what we want to share today. For the high-end sign design and production manufacturers, quality control is very important. If there is a problem in any part, and not check it out, then the finished product will definitely be unqualified, and the cost of rework may be higher than the cost of a new product.

As a high-end sign design and production manufacturer, COSUN has a high standard for the quality of signage products. With 20 years of experience in the sign industry, it has explored a complete set of quality control processes and standards for rooftop signage.

1.Inspect the raw materials. We know that the materials used for the top of the building are mainly stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized sheets, acrylics, etc. These raw materials are purchased from other suppliers, so the sign manufacturer needs to have professional staff be in charge of the quality. At this time, the first quality control process is required. It mainly check the details of the size, label, thickness and flatness of the raw materials, and ensure that the surface of the raw material without deformation, scratch, bubble and color difference, the dimensional tolerance range is within the standard range of the manufacturer, the adhesion and hardness indicators meet the relevant requirements, and the quality meets the relevant national standards;

2.Control the process. The production process of rooftop signage mainly includes laser cutting, CNC punching, bending, welding, sanding, painting, polishing, assembly and so on. Each of these process should follow the relevant operating procedures of the factory and accurately control the data. Generally, the tolerance is controlled within 1 mm. And the appearance mainly relates to the burr treatment caused by cutting punching, the flatness treatment after bending, the excessive arc treatment and the adhesion strength of the paint surface;

3.Inspect the assembly. After the letter can, light source, power supply and other components are ready, the rooftop signage will be assembled. This process is an important part of the production. If there is a missing component or a certain component size error, the effect of the finished product will have differences compare with the design drawings, and even unqualified. Inspection of the assembly process is generally focused on the number and size of the components, especially the assembly of the light source. Everything must be carried out in accordance with the standard of the deepen design drawings;

4.Inspect the finished product. After the rooftop signage is completed, the quality control process is mainly to test the appearance and firmness of the products. Each data should be compared with the design drawings, and the data should fully in accordance with the expected standards. If the rooftop signage is the illumination type, it is also necessary to test the lighting effect and accurately test the rated voltage and electric current, to ensure the brightness and improve the service life of LED light source to the highest standard.

5.Inspect the packaging. Packing is the final process of the rooftop signage in the factory. It is an important process to test whether a manufacturer can do the details. In general, rooftop signage are relatively large and weight, so it will be packed in several parts. After packaging, they are wrapped in a protective film and then placed in a special carton. Finally, the packaged carton will be reinforced with wooden frames, and the list of products is stuck in a conspicuous position. The quality inspectors should be responsible for the protective measures of each layer of the packaging, and check the potential hazards. And the types and quantities of related spare parts should not be mismatched.

Customers always pay attention to the quality of sign products, but they do not understand the production process of the factory. After the detailed analysis of the five quality control processes and standards for the rooftop signage, you must have a deeper understanding of the it. In general, the quality control of the rooftop signage is across the whole process of production.

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