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What Are The Custom Steps for Sign Design and Manufacture?

What Are The Custom Steps for Sign Design and Manufacture?


In this era of information explosion, people can get the information they want through a variety of convenient channels. We are surrounded by countless brand every day. From individual to country, they can convey information and interpret their spiritual connotations and cultural values through various signs that can highlight their own values, so it puts higher requirements on the design and production of the signage. Since each brand needs to convey its own unique values and concepts, it’s impossible for the sign products to standardize the flow of production like other products. Therefore, the custom process of sign design and production is particularly important.


The following is some experience sharing of the custom process of sign design and manufacture based on the actual engineering project of COSUN:

First, demand research. After initial contact with the customer, the first thing that needs to be communicated is the detailed needs of the customer. In addition to the regular size and color, it is more important to identify the type of product. Some of the clients can't fully express their needs, so we should fully understand the industry in which the customer is located, the operating route of the main competitors, the company's business strategy and the target consumer of the brand. Then through investigate to get some important information as an reference for the sign design and production.

Second, looking for elements. After the preliminary demand research, we can basically understand the user's needs. The second stage is to find the available elements to express the spirit and culture of the brand and express it through signage products. Usually, after determining the main color and structure of the sign, the manufacturer needs to make the sign design. At that time, the proper use of the elements will directly affect the quality of the signage products, and it is necessary to design in every specific parts instead of simply combining the elements.


Finally, production. After research and finding element, this stage is to make the design into reality. It is a huge challenge to present an concept through a specific sign product, but our designers can often find a non-standardized method to achieve it. It is necessary to use elements of experience in the sign design process, but distinguish them from existing products on the market is also important. Once the design is complete, production can be made.

A high-quality sign product must go through each of the above stages. If you want to make a perfect product, the choice of each element must be considered in all aspects, the raw material must be carefully selected, and every process must constantly perfecting. Craftsmanship is the only way to make competitive products.

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