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Toilet Signage for Commercial Buildings

Toilet Signage for Commercial Buildings


A toilet signage is essential for every commercial building, helping to guide staff, visitors and customers to the relevant toilet/washroom facilities. There are a number of different designs for creative toilet signs or bathroom signs. Everything from very neutral signs in public places, using only the letters WC and marking if it is a men’s or women’s toilet, to the far more personal or humorous toilet signs to keep clean found in homes.

There are a number of things to consider when designing creative toilet signs for commercial buildings. If the toilet signage is for a home bathroom, the aesthetics are important, as the sign must fit with the ambiance and style of the home. Here, ornate letters or slightly more humorous signs are common to make even the classic WC sign more personal. In public places, it is more important than the restroom etiquette signs are clearly designed and fulfils its function - to show people where the toilet is.

Parameters and Features of Female Toilet Signage




Contents, shapes, sizes are customizable


Laser cutting, professional brushing, etching, homogeneous painting, strict detection and assembly


150 x 200mm

Light Source


Installation Method

Screw bolts or highly adhesive double-sided tap fixed. With 1:1 rate of fixing template for installation reference

Features of the toilet signage

1.Manufactured from 0.5mm brushed silver aluminum

2.Self-adhesive tape fitted for a quick and easy fix (make sure that the surface is clean, dry and flat before applying)

3.olded aluminum finished in matt black.

4.Toilet symbol added using laser-cut acrylic.

5.It is easily fixed using the concealed fixings at the back of the sign or self-adhesive tape.

6.The modern design makes it suitable for commercial buildings, bars, and restaurants.

Materials Used for Creative Toilet Signs


1.6mm thick Aluminium is great for pole signs, where you need a rigid sign. Aluminium can be used basically for any other mounting as well. Swing stand signs need aluminium and the larger one (900 x 600) are a stronger type. Most of our aluminium restroom etiquette signs have rounded corners.


0.55 mm thick toilet signage white colour bond. This is a baked enamel substrate that will resist rusting. Great for mounting on walls and fences. Most of the steel has round corners.


Polypropylene is 1.4mm thick and is white. It is very playable and is classed as food safe. Caution must be used when mounting with glues, as some (such as construction adhesive) will damage the Polypropylene. A quality double-sided tape is OK and some silicones. Avoid anything that is acid cured. Attaching with screws is OK.

Vinyl Sticker

Aside from the budget signs, our vinyl is a top grade Polymeric vinyl, that has a 5-year life when used outdoors. We use a satin or matt finish to avoid glare.


Our ink is eco-solvent that is designed for outdoors. The ink actually etches into creative toilet signs via heat when printing. It resists scratching, but you can include an overlaminate to help protect it. This also prolongs the life of the toilet signage.

The Manufacturer of Creative Toilet Signs

We know that it is important to provide toilet, washroom and bathroom facilities for either staff, visitors, the general public or contractors, ensuring that everyone uses the correct facilities is very important within your premises to avoid embarrassment but also to ensure all your visitors to your toilets feel comfortable too. 

We provide a vast range of toilets, washrooms, and bathroom signage no matter what type of premises you have, we can cater to any type of property and depending on your decor we have the solution for you. Within our range of restroom etiquette signs, we can provide toilet signage which are paramount in ensuring the disabled have comfortable and proper access to your toilet facilities too. Please browse our complete range of toilet signs to keep clean and we are sure you will find the creative toilet signage design that you require.

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