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Tips for Your Neon Commercial Sign

Tips for Your Neon Commercial Sign


Neon commercial sign has become a critical part of businesses’ establishment and enhancement of their image. Well-designed and creative outdoor business signs can surprisingly transform the appearance of your business and effectively promote your business to be well-known.
A neon sign, metal or acrylic, can add appeal to your decor, whether being in an office building, retail shops, restaurants, hotels, bars, etc. It could fill a building with warmth, vigor, and life, even the dreariest one.

Putting up a neon sign for your business might seem easy, but there are quite a number of factors you should take into consideration when customizing one from a neon sign maker.

If your signage is not rightly designed to meet your business style or sized properly, it might not have your desired effect, or worse, have the completely opposite effect. The wrongly placed and poorly designed neon business signs, indoor or outdoor, could drive your potential customers away instead of attracting them to engage in.

Here are some tips for choosing the right commercial neon letter signs:

Neon Commercial Sign

What Can Custom Neon Signs Do for Your Business?

Neon business signs do a lot more than just adding colors. Depending on the designs of your neon signage, it has many different applications.

The acrylic backlit letter on the wall of the workplace can motivate your staff on every Monday morning.

The outdoor neon business signs or interior mini neon letters of a bar, restaurant, store, or hotel can effectively advertise the brand or create an attractive atmosphere.

Simply put, neon signage helps you attract more customers. Creative and informative neon signs have the great potential to multiple your walk-in customers.

Neon signage is effective for all industries, including catering, fashion stores, comprehensive shopping malls, bars, etc. Every time you install a new, more attractive signs, you might enjoy an injection of fresh customers.

Considering the Material, Color, and Design for Your Neon Business Signs

The design of your neon sign should your most focused thing when customizing. When it comes to deciding the theme and design of your neon letter signs for your business, there are lots of options.

For example, you could choose an acrylic neon sign or a metal one. Metal letters are used because they are weather-resistant and durable, and look more high-class and luxurious. They are excellent for outdoor use. The acrylic letter signage is the popular alternative to the metal sign. They give a look as high quality as the metal ones, but a lot more cost-effective and durable. They are also perfect for outdoor signage.

Besides the variety of material, the neon letter signs also offer unlimited colors, fonts, and designs, which is the main reason why they suit all industries and company types. No matter if your products are targeted at a single gender, certain age group, global or local market, you could always customize perfect and attractive signage at Cosun, a leading neon signage manufacturer for years.

Your commercial sign should basically appeal to your targeted market. For example, if you are specialized in the children’s products, you should make your sign colorful and entertaining. The neon sign letters font should be fun. The serious fonts and dull colors are difficult to arouse children’s interest.

You should always review your industry and your targeted and potential customers so that you can work out the best neon sign design for your business that attracts the customers you want.

Size and Placement of Neon Business Signs Outdoor Matter a Lot


Depending on the outdoor space available, your business signage should be large enough to be seen and read from afar while still being reasonable in size from short distances.

What’s more, the size and placement of your neon commercial sign should better complement each other. Then how to or where to place your commercial signage?

The importance of the placement of signage is often overlooked by many businesses. Sometimes, you might have a perfectly designed and properly sized signage, but if you place it in a wrong manner, you just cannot give its potential influence to full play. 

You should put up your signage high enough to be seen and read from a far distance as well as making it visible to people from the bottom when they come in front of your building.

Here are things to avoid: putting up a huge neon business signage at street level or placing a small one high in the air. 

The beauty of a neon sign is that it can be noticed. If you want your commercial signage to be a focused point, then place it at the right place to get the most exposure.

If you run a store, the bright neon letter signs placed in the window can often be conducive to attracting the attention of passers-by and increasing the footfall of your business.

If you work in an office block, then mounting your neon sign on a wall of the lobby is recommended. The office building usually looks cold, serious, and dull. If you really want to add something amazing and unique to your workplace, you might consider have a mini neon sign hanging on the wall of the bathroom. 

Putting up mini neon letters or artwork in the bathroom is not odd. For bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and other entertainment places, an impressive toilet a much-have feature.

The company signage is the first line of marketing, so it is important to make sure it is attractive enough to your prospective customers, meet your business type, and deliver the right message. If you need to customize 3D acrylic neon letters or metal ones, give us a call and our team is always ready to give you our professional and passionate services.

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