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Three Points to Test the Design Level of Building Signs

Three Points to Test the Design Level of Building Signs


The design of a building sign directly affects the brand image of the company. And it is necessary to establish and convey the brand spirit through the building sign design. For Party A, the big building sign is as important as its infrastructure and decoration, so the design of the big building signs must be professional and distinctive. And this professional work requires a senior designer to complete. Party A may not know the process of building sign design and manufacturing, because it is not a high-frequency consumer product. But how to have a general understanding of the design process of the building signs? The following three main points about the design level of the large building signs may help you.

1. Adapt to industry and corporate style. All walks of life have their own industry characteristics, specific to a certain company, they also have their own distinct characteristics. And it is always possible to find some unique places in their peers, that is, the style of the enterprise. The design of the building signs should fully integrate this personalized style, and reflect the characteristics of the enterprise through differentiated features. Brand value, multi-angle and multi-channel mining elements that conform to industry and corporate style, and make reasonable use in design;

2.Have brand image power and communication power. It is not enough to conform to the industry style and find relevant artistic expression elements. The role of the building sign is to show the unique image of the company, and to continuously deepen the brand image in the process of continuous communication, and finally through some concrete ways to convert. Therefore, when designing the building signs, we should fully combine the captured elements, centering on the audience users, and let the building signs directly present the brand image of the company, and make this value can be easily accepted by the audience, that is to have the power of communication;

3.There must be a clear construction deepen design. The building sign is not only the design of an effect picture, but also need production and installation. Therefore, in addition to the effect  design, the deepen design of the building sign also needed. We have shared some information of the deepening design before. The sign design and production manufacturers like COSUN can provide one-stop service from design to crafts and project management, as well as transportation and after-sale to ensure the original design renderings. On the other hand, it is also possible to use the consumables and processes from the top of the building to achieve a refined design, and at the same time, it can fully consider the convenience of installation and maintenance of the building signs. The overall control ability of such a project is unavailable to some design companies with a single business. Therefore, deepening design is an important reference standard for testing the design quality of large-scale building signs;

For the big building signs project, the basic points of design are nothing more than the effect design and construction deep drawing design. The effect design mainly focused on the design of the appearance image. More is to refine the relevant industry or enterprise-specific elements. After the artistic expression technique is rendered, the display effect of the building sign is presented; while the deepening design focused on how to turn the rendering into a visible and touchable product. This stage puts higher demands on the designer, not only from the structural level, but also on each part of the decomposition. The process realization is embodied in an operational design, and finally deepened from the level of assembly and installation. In a complete large-scale building sign project, all parts of the design process are interlocking and indispensable. To test the quality and level of a large-scale design, you can basically see from the above three aspects.

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