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The Six Major Considerations When Signing a Contract With a Signage Manufacturer

The Six Major Considerations When Signing a Contract With a Signage Manufacturer


The large building signs have been highly recognized by the market because of their good visual effects and large radiation range. In the perspective of brand communication, the large building signs play an irreplaceable role. For a customer, in the early communication process with the sign makers, they are often passive. The main reason is that they don’t know much about sign products and the industry. In the signing of the contract or agreement, you need to be more cautious, because the large-size sign products are not as the same as other led sign products. They are basically independent and customized. Even if the appearance is similar, the different raw materials and processes will lead to different products. So, what are the precautions when signing a contract with a sign manufacturer?

Firstly, the identities of both parties should be clear. The identity and qualification of both parties should be clear before the contract is drawn up. It's best to go to the factory for a field trip.

Second, the agreed content of the project needs to be comprehensive. It is generally necessary to clarify the project name, location and specific installation location, precise and detailed dimensions, colors, specifications, profiles, lighting sources, power supplies, wiring, switches, etc., including details of the manufacturing process and installation, to avoid Additional communication costs or production costs in the later stages.

Third, the price agreement, since it is a transaction, you must clearly agree on the cost and payment method. Generally, small projects are shipped after payment. If it is a long-term large building sign project, Instalment settlement will be adopted. After signing the agreement, the first phase of the project payment is required, and the balance is settled in one lump sum after the project is qualified. And the proportionation needs to be decided by both parties.

Fourth, the project completion time. If it is a large-scale project, it is also possible to stipulate a project schedule to ensure that every link of the large project can be smoothly promoted and the legitimate rights and interests of both parties are protected from infringement.

Fifth, the warranty time and method. Since the large building signs are personalized products, the specific warranty range is not the same, but the details of the warranty period and the after-sale service can be agreed.

Sixth, the responsibilities of the two parties and the division of liability for breach of contract, in order to avoid causing unnecessary troubles, and clarify the possible liability accidents and responsible subjects.

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