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The Benefits of Using Neon Bar Signs

The Benefits of Using Neon Bar Signs


Neon bar signs are very popular in business and market. A large number of bars utilize these signs to catch the attention of customers to increase their sale. For decades, neon lights have helped business owners stand out. Let’s see clearly how beneficial are neon signs.

Neon Bar Signs Have High Visibility

Neon bar signs are a luminous, eye-catching addition to any bar which will have a significant impact on its visibility. Because people’s eyes are naturally attracted by the color and light in the dark, neon signs will immediately enhance people's impressions on the bar even on even on a crowded avenue filled with fierce competitors. Neon signs are especially helpful for small business owners who are trying to announce their arrival.

Neon Bar Signs Can Be Customized

One enormous advantage of neon bar signs is their possibility for customization. This medium provides amazing alternatives to logo design. Neon signs were used to come in red colors. Currently, neon signs are available in more than 100 colors that commonly can be seen in bars. Experienced sign manufacturers, such as Cosun Sign with a successful history of 20+ years, can design and manufacture neon signs in almost any shape, size, and color. Our designers can also create innovative and customized signs according to the different situations. Do not settle for stock pictures!

Neon Bar Signs Have Nighttime Functionality

As known, nighttime is essential for any bar business. Neon bar signs make it possible for bars to run at night. Whether it is used to to tell people the bar is in on business or direct people to the bar area, neon sign can be very functional. Although additional light can be set up to illuminate existing signs, updating to neon is usually a more cost-effective option from the installation and maintenance perspective.

Neon Bar Signs Have Long Lifespan

As neon bar signs are long-lasting and durable, each bar using the signs are able to get value for money. When properly assembled and preserved, neon signs can last 10-12 years. When people believe the bulbs need very little maintenance, traditional light signs may fail in as little as 6 months. Then the value of neon signs is apparent.

Neon Bar Signs Are Cost-effective & Energy-efficient

Neon is the fifth most abundant chemical element after hydrogen, helium, oxygen, and carbon in the universe. In view of its mass abundance, it’s no surprise that neon bar signs are so affordable. And because they don’t have a filament, neon electrodes are cool to the touch, which means they don’t waste much power at all. This is also the reason why they are usually more durable than light bulbs.

Neon Bar Signs Have Wide Operating Range

In addition to being very energy-efficient, neon bar signs enjoy a wide operating range. Neon lights do not require any specific voltage requirements. As a small amount of energy is required, any voltage range will suit for these lights, which means they will be safe even in cases where line voltage is subject to brownouts and surges. In every bar, a different range of voltage is used according to the application needs and economic considerations. When installing these neon signs, voltage compatibility would never be a problem.

Neon Bar Signs Can Drawn Attention & Create Artwork

Neon bar signs not only can help attract people to go into the bar but also can keep them coming back! A neon bar sign can be used as the perfect advertising technique for bars. Hanging a custom neon sign in the window of bars can attract the attention of passers-by; bar owners might choose their logo, a funny quote or take the opportunity to advertise offers like happy hour. And when used in the bars, neon signs can be seen as a kind of atmosphere marker. Neon bar signs can create the perfect artwork to decorate the walls of the bar, whether a logo or something different is put into the lights. Neon signs on the wall will be the focus of the bar, and customers will even take a few photos to share on Instagram. Proper lighting bar can have a huge impact on customer experience. No matter what the theme of the bar, neon signs can bring bring a retro, trendy glow to the bar. Those bar owners who make a great choice of colors and have the ability to design own creative sign, can beautifully illuminate any area of the bar. Neon signs can be both practical and impressive whether used as quirky signs that lead people to the bar area or bathroom, or to provide lighting in particularly dark areas.

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