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The Advantages of LED Neon Signs over Traditional Neon Signs

The Advantages of LED Neon Signs over Traditional Neon Signs


In the past, glass neon signs were considered as the best options on the market for business advertising and promotion. Today we have an improved version of neon signs - namely LED neon signs. These new LED illuminated signs boast many advantages over the traditional glass neon signs. Let’s explore their light source, service life, installation process, customizability, voltage, and their environmental status.

Differences between LED Neon Signs & Traditional Neon Signs

1. Light Source

Traditionally, glass neon signs are driven by neon fluorescent gas, while LED neon signs utilize solid-state semiconductors to produce vibrant light. Compared with those signs using fluorescent gas, LED illuminated signs are more economical. They also provide higher energy savings and are perfect for businesses who look to save more energy.

2. Longevity

When choosing a neon sign, life expectancy is an important factor to consider. Compared with other bulbs, incandescent bulbs have the shortest lifespan and LED lamps have the longest lifespan. There is no doubt that to obtain long-lasting neon lights, it is best to choose those neon lights that use LEDs.

LED neon signs usually can last around 30,000 hours while glass neon signs only last about 10,000 hours. It is clear that the LED signs provide a longer service life than glass counterparts.

3. Ease of Installation and Customisability

Here is a fact that we have to face in life: not everyone is excellent at installing items. Even if people believe they’ve followed all of the instructions in the instruction manual, they can still miss 1 part that will create the item either not to operate at all or not to be optimized for its entire potential. The advantage of LED neon signs is that they are very easy to install, even for entry-level technicians. Even business owners who like DIY can install them and customize the signs according to personal preference.

LED lights can almost be cut, bent and shaped to fit for every neon sign. Instead, glass lamps require skilled artisans with experience in the production, installation and development of glass neon signs. This can cost a lot of money and raise the price of the neon sign itself. This may not a good deal for both sign manufacturers and users.

Obviously, LED neon signs are more customizable and easy to install.

4. Voltage

What is the voltage of these types of neon signs? A neon glass signage has an input voltage of 3KV to 18KV, and because of its long service life, it was once the industry standard. The situation changed once the LED lights put into LED neon signage with an input voltage of 24V / 120V. This voltage is its average range, which makes it safer to use.

5.Environmental Impact

Compared with LED neon signs, glass neon signs have a greater negative impact on human health and the environment. There’s a possible danger of germ contamination from these types of glass lights. This risk is greater from breathing from the mercury out of heated mercury impregnated glass, together with neon glass employees having contracted metal poisoning in their vulnerability. Therefore, LED illuminated signs are better than old glass signs because they are more eco-friendly and safer for those who use them.

6. Efficiency

LED neon signs can also be simple yet effective compared with glass neon signs. The conventional neon glass signs increase its voltage 220V into 15000V to invigorate the gas from the tube to provide out light along the outline of the ribbon layout. Then their two colors will require two sets of this tube. Therefore, if the font is too large, the middle of it will not be bright, while if it’s too little, it'll be too complicated to process out. But, LED illuminated signs work at 24V and radiate a very low amount of heat so they’re easier to operate.

Extra Benefits of LED Neon Signs You May Don’t Know About

The “Neon Signs” technology has been in existence for a long time. It was first discovered and displayed by Georges Claude in December 1910, when made a reddish-orange color. In 1962, Nick Holonyak invented LEDs in the form of red diodes. From those early days, the application of LED technology in creating and shaping the neon industry has changed rapidly.

This covers being employed as LED neon signs for shops, weddings, events, and even being safe for indoor use like in bedrooms.

Most people are very clear about that LED lights are more efficient than halogen or standard lights and LEDs can reduce energy consumption by about 85%. However, do you know the surprising additional benefits as follows?

1. LED Neon Signs Contain Many Small LED lights. 

This makes them both environmentally friendly and very energy efficient. Their power consumption is similar to that of a standard domestic light bulb. 

This makes them more suitable for home use compares with traditional neon gas signs that are fragile and unsafe to use in the home.

2. LED Neon Signs Are More Energy Efficient.

The LED neon signage use 12v to 240v transformer power, which can be easily plugged into any home or office power supply. Neon gas signs use voltages up to 18v and usually need to be installed by a professional and qualified electrician.

3. LED Neon Signs Are More Durable.

The LED neon signage uses a flexible plastic tube to make its shape and bend it into place, which makes it very sturdy. Traditional neon gas signs are made of glass, which is shaped by the heat of the fire. This can lead to very fragile signs.

4. LED Neon Signs Are Very Bright.

Compared with traditional gas neon signs, the LED neon signage a 5% to 6% higher of brightness. This can make logos more impressed for people and make them stand out.

As you can see, the era of using glass neon lights is over. So the new and improved option - LED neon signs - can take the stage for business and people to use for their knowing knows their commercial neon lights are better quality, more affordable, and can be customized according to their wishes.

If you want to know more about these kinds of signs, you can contact us for more detailed information. Experts at Cosun Sign not only can answer your questions about signs but also are capable of producing signs according to your needs if necessary.

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