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Some Interesting Facts About Small Neon Signs

Some Interesting Facts About Small Neon Signs


Walking down the street at night, you might be dazzled by the colorful bright LED and Small neon signs, small or large. They are simply everywhere and have various applications. We could find the intoxicating lit beer neon signs hanging outside the door of many bars. We could also find some creative coffee shops smartly decorating the interior with the wall art neon sign to create a gentle and warm atmosphere for guests to relax.

Neon signs have been used worldwide as early as the 1900s. They not only add brilliance to the city's night but also allow businesses to brand themselves even at night. 

We’ve all have been fascinated by neon signs at one point or another. Now, let’s dive a litter deeper into them.

The History of Neon Signs

The word “neon” was originated from the Greek “neos” which means “new gas”. Today’s neon light signs for home or business are developed from the Geissler tube which was invented by Heinrich Geissler, a Germany scientist  in 1855. 

After the invention of the Geissler tube, many scientists started conducting a series of experiments using electricity and various .

In 1898, neon, a rare gas, was discovered, which led to the first lamp that had an electrical discharge to a sealed tube of neon gas. The lamp was created by a French chemist, Georges Claude. He continued to make improvements and, in the 1900s, he launched the first neon light in 1910 in Paris.

The initial use of neon signs for business and neon light signs for home, more specifically, for advertising, dates back to 1912, used by a bar in Paris.

In 1923, Clause introduced the neon gas signs to the United States. From then on, large or small neon light signs in various colors, shapes, patterns, constantly popped up. You can now easily buy desired neon signs at eBay.

The neon signs then quickly became a popular fixture in outdoor advertising. They are quite bright and visible even in the daytime. People would always stop and stared at this “liquid fire”.

But, how to properly dispose of neon lights or signs?

Ways to Dispose of your Small Neon Light Correctly

As mentioned above, although most small neon lights are harmless, some might contain mercury vapor, which can be hazardous to health. Mercury-containing lights are hazardous waste. It is of great importance to handle them well. Here are instructions to rightly dispose and recycle intact neon lights as well as broken neon lights:

Disposed of intact Small neon lights:

Step 1: Put on disposable gloves;

Step 2: Carefully remove the neon light from the fixture;

Step 3: Properly wrap the light with padding in case of broken, then place it in a trash bag, seal the bag, label the bag with “mercury light bulb”, and dispose of the labeled bag to the specialized recycling bin.

Step 4: Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Disposed of broken Small neon lights

Step 1: Open the window of the room with broken custom neon signs and leave the room for at least 15 minutes;

Step 2: Put on disposable gloves and shovel the fragments with cardboard to a trash bag;

Step 3: Completely remove any remaining powder and fragments with duct tape and dispose of the tape in the trash bag;

Step 4: Thoroughly wipe the floor with wet wipes and put the wipes and gloves in the trash bag, then put the trash bag into another trash bag. Seal the bag tightly with tape; clearly label it with “broken mercury light bulb”, and dispose of the labeled bag to the specialized recycling bin.

Step 5: Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

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