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Small sign playing a big part

Small sign playing a big part


A few days ago, we received such a message that 2D sign is highly respected by European and American flower companies. In fact, the foreign flower industry is constantly upgrading and progressing, keeping up with the development of the information age, while in the domestic market, most of the flowers have no trimming, signs or instructions. A small sign is an indication about the gap between the domestic and the international flower industry.

 The so-called 2D sign is a combination of the QR code and the Microsoft logo system. Through the sign, you can search for all the information about the plant including the knowledge of conservation. In fact, the flowers sold in countries and regions such as Europe and the United States always have their “ID cards” where there are manufacturers' information and basic conservation knowledge. The current 2D sign uses the network to make the information richer and complete. As early as more than a decade ago, when foreign potted plants entered the Chinese market, each potted flower would carry a delicate small sign with pictures of the plant and simple conservation methods. Later, a large number of domestically produced flower products were launched onto the market. It can be said that the quality of most domestic flowers is comparable to that of foreign ones, but the domestic producers are far from being aware of the importance of soft services such as an offering of a sign.

 In fact, the high quality of products does not indicate the true maturity of an industry. Only when production, circulation, sales, and especially various service contents and forms of the products are mature, can they be mature. That is to say, the quality is high and the service is excellent. The small sign is one of the content and form of the soft service. A small sign does not cause too many increases in the production cost, but the service concept and consciousness and the promotion and popularization effect cannot be underestimated. A few years ago, we interviewed a Belgian azalea production company. The person in charge of the company specifically introduced the role of the sign in the potted flower. In addition to the basic information, if there is a problem with the product, the purchaser can trace the product according to the label to find when, where, and who produced it. This sign is both a guarantee for product quality and a strong guarantee for product brand and reputation.

From another point of view, compared with mature foreign consumer groups, the domestic flower consumer groups are still at the cultivation stage. Many consumers do not really know about flower conservation, and some even have no ideas about the names of the flowers. More consumers need to get the instructions when they buy flowers. For producers, the sign is not only a manifestation of a service, but also a means of popularizing flower knowledge and cultivating consumers, which is even more important for industries that are developing.

In addition, China's flower sales system is maturing, which forces manufacturers to pay more attention to the sign. More and more flowers are being sold in supermarkets and horticultural centers. Standardization, packaging and complete description of products are required. It is also necessary to connect products and services to the network as much as possible. Under this, small sign really plays a big part.

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