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Reasons and Solutions for Uneven Luminous Effect of Building Roof Top Letters

Reasons and Solutions for Uneven Luminous Effect of Building Roof Top Letters


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Due to the special working scene, the building roof letters will inevitably have some problems during useits usage. But Customers may not aware of these problems.

The most common problem should be the uneven luminous effect issue  of the illuminated building roof letters, mainly caused by concentrated on the whole word is not bright, a certain ,or one stroke is not bright, or the lighting keen  flickering is uncertainnon-stop. Generally, professionals the manufacturer can easily find the cause reson and solve it smoothly. So, what is the reason for the uneven luminous effect of the glowing letters on the roof? What is the corresponding solution? Here are some three points to share based on the experience of CosunSignCosun Sign.

First, the LED light source is unevenly distributed or the number of light sources is insufficient. This is one of the main reasons for the uneven luminous effect of the building roof letters. The fundamental problem is that the design layout is unreasonable, or it may be caused by cutting cornersscamp work and stint material. Generally, small manufacturers with insufficient experience will have such problems. The solution is to start with deepening the design.

Second, the LED light source current is too large and the color is attenuated. The current rated current of the LED light source is about 20 mA, which is the current value calculated by factors such as comprehensive safety luminous effect and service life. If the actual current is lower than this value, the luminous effect of the light source is will be reduced. On the contrary, the luminous effect is will be increased, but the life of the light source is will be reduced, and the corresponding attenuation is will also be accelerated. The solution is to start from the voltage regulator and test the working state of each part of the circuit step by step to maintain the stable working voltage and current of the light source.

The third possible reason is that the LED light source is different in batch or source. For LED manufacturers, the products will be split before leaving the factory. The light emitted by LEDs without spectroscopic color separation is generally pure white or blueish yellow. The fundamental problem of uneven luminous effect is in the color separation. Due to the differences in equipment and processes and quality control, LED light sources produced by different manufacturers vary widelymanufacturers. Even different batches of light source products produced by the same manufacturers will have differences in lighting effects. Therefore, manufacturers of building roof letters need to pay attention to this problem when purchasing electronic components. Different batches of light sources should not be mixed. This is also an effective solution resolution for light source factors.

It can be seen from the above three points that the problem of luminous effect unevenness appearing during the use of the building roof letters is not uncontrollable, as long as the manufacturer pays pay more attention to the design, procurement, production and quality control, and strictly abides by relevant technical standards. In the normalized process, all kinds of work are carried out. Then, the problem of the uneven luminous effect of the building roof letters should be a small probability event.

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