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Precautions for acrylic signs board in the silk screen

Precautions for acrylic signs board in the silk screen


The print plate film cannot be replaced by laser printing paper or sulfuric acid paper. Acrylic signs board be sure to use the positive or negative film output from professional manufacturers. When outputting, output a blank film with a positioning cross hair. When printing the plate, first fix the blank cross-hair film on the glass plate with transparent tape. The film of other colors should be based on this, so that the position of the screen can be consistent.    


For fine screen printing, high-resolution imported photosensitive adhesive and imported wire mesh with high tension and low stretch rate must be selected.

Printing inks should use high-gloss, anti-friction plexiglass inks, especially matte inks can not be used for surface printing, because this ink is not resistant to friction and the color is not gorgeous. For outdoor light boxes and acrylic signs board , you should also use imported inks with good lightfastness to resist the exposure of strong light and prolong its service life.

Screen printing color matching is generally carried out by the experience of silk screen masters. Because the mesh size of each batch of orders is different, the thickness of the photosensitive film is not the same, which often causes the color cast of the printed products. Therefore, each batch of orders must be tested with a well-printed screen to produce samples, and the customer can confirm the color of the original before entering the official printing.

Large format paintings must be printed on a screen printing machine, and small areas can be printed on an inhalation printing station. During the printing process, six factors consistency should be maintained:

1 Multi-color screen version should be consistent;

2 The squeegee speed is consistent;

3 Scratch pressure is consistent;

4 ink consistency is consistent;

5 When the hand is scratched, the hardness of the large scraper and the small scraper are the same;

6 The humidity in the printing workshop remains the same.                

There are a lot of static electricity and dust on the surface of plexi-glass sheet. If the dust adheres to the screen, it will cause the incomplete text and color blocks and waste products. Therefore, printing must be carried out in a clean and dustless room. Surface dust can be removed in two steps. Firstly,to wipe off the surface dust by wet cotton cloth, and then to remove the residual dust by electrostatic dust removal brush or dust removal roller brush. Printing, real-time monitoring, if problems are found, timely cleaning screen before continue printing.

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