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Personalized Neon Signs - Making Your Business A Success

Personalized Neon Signs - Making Your Business A Success


Signage stands for the image of your business. So value it.

When you start a business, after a new office is built and decorated, the last thing and the most important one is to set up an eye-grasping sign of your business name or logo. 

However, due to the rushed nature of opening on time and large amounts of prior input, business signs are often neglected or are allotted small budget.

Here is a piece of considerate warning to every business: Poorly designed and cheap custom neon signs can leave a poor impression, adversely affecting the success of your company. 

The signs hung out of the front of your store or company is very important. They represent the image of your company. They are the first impression customers have on your business. Here are things you should pay attention to when making a custom neon logo sign:

- Is it clearly visible to people from afar?

- Do its finish and color match your business type or the decoration style of your company?

- Is it creative, unique, or striking enough to stand out from the surroundings?

-Will it fade the color over time? How long its beauty lasts? What can be done to maximize its service life?

Personalized Neon Signs

Having a custom neon sign is profitable

An attractive and unique neon sign is a powerful yet cost-effective way of advertising to boost sales. Many shops, restaurants, bars, and hotels are using it to lend prominence to their establishment, to stand out from others, and to drive customers. Here are some obvious benefits of neon signs:

High appeal

Personalized neon signs have the unique ability to catch the attention of people and encourage their engagement more than other kinds of business signage. Why? Because they please customers with aesthetic design and dazzle their eyes with vivid and colorful light. There are over 100 colors available, and the shapes and designs of neon signs are basically limitless. 

Personalized neon signs can be very appealing and inviting. It is indeed a treat for eyes to see the sparkling neon signs outside the store, bars and restaurants. Those brilliantly lit up neon signs at night seem to give a warm welcome to the people. Using these signs for promotion can easily convey your message to the targeted customers.

Clear visibility

Outdoor neon signs can be spotted easily from a distance. They are bright and colorful enough to instantly lure the attention and interest of the customers. You can easily read them on a rainy or cloudy day when the traditional signs appear hazy and dull.

Environment friendly

Not only does neon offer limitless design possibilities, but it’s also low consumption so it will not cost you a fortune. Neon signs consume twice less electricity compared to traditional electrical signs. The affordable neon signs are profitable for small businesses, like stores, bars, coffee shops, restaurants, etc.

Besides, they do not produce harmful or polluting radiation. It makes them suitable for uses at any public and market places. 

When you consider installing a personalized neon sign, remember 2 things

1.Communicate closely with your neon sign making partner

Whatever your requirements are, you should make sure your custom neon sign maker gets the right information so that you can get an accurate quote.

Offering unclear and ambiguous information when requesting the neon sign quote is the most common mistake made by many businesses.

Do you know? Inaccurate and vague information might result in higher pricing as the neon sign supplier have to cover costs and risks causing by this uncertainty.

If you want to control your cost or make sure to get personalized neon signs or letters exact to your expectations, you should communicate closely with your manufacturing partner and give them all the information they need.

2.Considering the application environment

Sometimes, your designers may work out a neon sign design that looks fantastic and intriguing from an aesthetic perspective, but the material used might not suitable for the environment. 

For example, when you want to make an attractive outdoor neon sign, you should consider their convenience of cleaning and their weather resistance. In this case, the custom acrylic neon sign is the widest choice.

Now, get started your custom neon sign project to boost your business

Once you have chosen a location for your business, before you start the construction or decoration work, touch a custom neon sign maker first.

Futurism and minimalist neon sign designs are rapidly becoming crowd favorites. The designs close to the modern trend for your commercial signs will help you bring in more customers.

Cosun, manufacturing all kinds of neon signs for many years, is aware of market trends of neon sign design as well as techniques. We can offer you a wide variety of options. We can make the neon sign for bar that emits intoxicating illumination, the neon sign for coffee shop that can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, and so on. We help you choose the most suitable design according to your project requirements. And we ensure you have the signage all ready before the day you open.

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