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Outdoor Neon Sign Instructions

Outdoor Neon Sign Instructions


Sometimes it's necessary to have an outdoor neon sign mounted outdoors. Outdoor signs are so common they are often underappreciated, but business owners need to realize that without a visible and well-positioned exterior business sign, they risk losing sales and the opportunity to be of service to people in need of their products and services. Even in this digital era, companies recognize the importance of having custom neon signs outside their shop or business.

What Is an Outdoor Neon Sign?

Outdoor signs are graphic messaging tools meant to share information with people on the streets. These can take on any form, size, and shape and can have a variety of purposes. An outdoor neon sign is a lighting display made of tubes that have been filled with a gas. It is bent into the shape of letters or decorative designs. High-voltage electrical currents are passed through the gas to emit light. It can be customized to produce a spectrum of over 50 brilliant colors. Whether it is positioned outside a shop, bar or café, commercial outdoor open signs are hard to miss. Here are some parameters and neno signs used in outdoors.


Parameters and Features of the Outdoor Neon Sign


Product Name

Outdoor Neon Sign Cosunsign Low Price Halo-Lit Illuminated 3D Illuminated

Face Material

Outdoor Neon Sign

Base Material

10mm clear acrylic

Light source

UL/CE certified led strip

Light Color

Red, pink, wihte, green, bule ect.

Life Span



Shops, bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants, rooms, hotels,etc.


Flush mount/hanging


This custom neon sign is UL-listed and is made from lightweight aluminum and will never rust or corrode.

Vinyl accents are available on the sign face for added detail and daytime visibility.

This UL-certified neon exterior sign is designed for wall installation and come ready to be mounted and wired directly into your electrical circuit.

The inside of the metal casing is painted matte black for maximum visibility of the neon tubing. The outside of the case is primed and ready to paint in your desired color.

Our neon business signs are built to withstand anything nature can throw at it. These neon signs are housed inside commercial grade aluminum then painted in a glossy black. The exterior housing is coated in commercial-grade glossy white paint. Rock-solid and sturdy, these outdoor neon signs can take a beating and still provide the colorful glow of real neon.

The purpose of this sign could be anything from letting customers know your business is open, to presenting your company brand name, to displaying a quirky phrase designed to get people through the door. In a pub, café or restaurant, you could use this outdoor neon sign to promote a particular brand of drink or a special offer.

Neon signs can be made to most dimensionssome are large enough to cover the side of a building, while others are simply opensigns for shop doors. Smaller ones will obviously cost less than large neon signs.


Can Neon Signs Be Used Outdoors?

Yes, they can! Our signs can be made to resist damage from water and be used outdoors. We use a range of glues & silicone filler to seal the gaps made when producing our outdoor open sign waterproof. Such as wires that connect letters, often these holes reveal ‘weak-points’ in the sign that if not sealed water can access and damage the electrics. We thoroughly check each sign when applying our glues & silicones to ensure we’ve sealed it correctly.

In the case that the client or we deem the exterior space the sign is to be fitted too exposed or prone to weather extremes (high-rise buildings or buildings over 5 stories), then we will suggest an acrylic shield to fully protect the outdoor neon sign. The acrylic shield is carefully applied over the top of the sign and sealed around the edges to prevent any water entering.


How To Get an Outdoor Neon Sign

An outdoor sign is one of the best ways to attract more attention to your storefront. You can take one of the thousands of designs from our website and simply convert it to an outdoor model, or we can create a custom outdoor neon business sign to fit your needs. We have two outdoor neon sign options to choose from: you can either purchase vintage outdoor neon signs or buy any of our other interior signs and have us convert it into a neon exterior sign, which allows for quick and easy installation in almost any location you desire. Because we can convert any indoor sign into an outdoor one, we have the largest selection of the outdoor neno sign available.

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