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Neon Signs Create Impression

Neon Signs Create Impression


The introduction of neon has changed the way businesses advertise and market themselves. Even today, this centuries-old technology is still widely used. You can easily spot a neon sign and display on the street at night, be it in the city or rural area.

The neon light sign is of a variety of applications. You can install it on your storefront to market your business, attract customers to engage. You can mount in on your interior wall to enhance the decoration style and highlight the important things. You can also use decorative neon signs to create sweet and romantic night for the wedding party or birthday party, to activate the mood and enhance the joyful atmosphere. 

Benefits of using neon light signs

1. Creativity - Custom neon signs offer freedom to have multiple designs with colors, fonts, and styles. You can make your business logo/slogan into a creative and unique neon sign to catch attention and boost business.

2. Cost-efficient - Neon light sign is highly affordable and it doesn’t consume much electricity. On average, a neon sign can run all day using about 90 watts.

3. Durability - With proper maintenance, acrylic neon signs can last for 10+ years.

4. Easy installation - It is easy to install a neon wall sign on the facade of your store or inside. You can choose to mount it to or plug it in the wall.

5. Attractive - Neon signs create a stunning glow in eventing, attracting people on the street easily.

How is our neon sign made

Our LED neon sign is made up of solid acrylic board and LED neon light strips. The clear acrylic is laser graved with the custom image, logo, and letters. Then the neon light strips are added to offer brilliant and eye-pleasing glow. The neon lights are available in a variety of colors, including red, purple, blue, pink, green, white. 

Features of this pink neon sign

1.Unique design: this pink LED neon sign is a special 3D art. The neon strip is bent by professional technicians. It can be hung on walls indoor to add a fun and active atmosphere.

2.Bight & Durable: it is made of UL/CE certified LED neon tube, giving off a super bright light. And it can work for at least 100,000 hours.

3.Easy & Safe to use: the long length wire cord with a plug can be easily connected to the outlet.

4.Attentive customer service: 1-3 year(s) of warranty. If you receive the goods with any quality problem, free replacement is offered.

Our acrylic neon signs are great for:


Car Art

Business Logos

Garage & Store

Trade Shows

Vendor Booth

Bar & Coffee Shop

Things to avoid during installation

1. The LED neon strip is only flexible against a flat surface. It should not be twisted or bent in an arch or dip as this might damage the neon lights. Besides, the LED neon light should not be suspended unsupported or installed on doors.

2. Don’t turn on the rope light while on the spool. LEDs put out less heat than other technologies, but when tightly coiled, the heat has nowhere to go and can ignite the PVC sleeve.

3. When installing parallel runs, don’t install them closer than half an inch apart. This may cause the rope light to overheat, shortening its lifespan.

4. You also need to check local regulations for any outdoor neon signs you want to set up. If you have a building in a historic area of town, for example, there may be limitations on the use of things like neon signs or even the orientation of your signage.

Maintenance tips for neon light signs

1. Cleaning

If you want your commercial or decorative neon sign to emit a long-lasting attractive glow, it is important to keep it clean. Otherwise, it will eventually lose shine and stop looking welcoming. The build-up of dust and grime will make the neon sign start to look dingy and uninviting.

Before you begin cleaning your neon sign, make sure you unplug it. Otherwise, it can be dangerous to you and the sign. 

To remove dust, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. Then you can wipe the neon tubes with a soft cloth. A paintbrush can be useful to clean out dust located on hard to reach nooks and crannies.

2. Do not unplug your neon sign frequently

It would be better to leave your neon sign plugged in at all times unless you are cleaning it or having it repaired. Turning neon light on and off too frequently can easily damage the neon sign transformer. 

Once your LED neon sign is installed and plugged in, leave it alone. You do not need to worry about the electricity cost. The neon sign is more energy-saving than you think. For some small neon sign, it costs less than a 75-watt bulb. And the neon sign doesn’t get hot, so you also do not need to worry about a fire risk.

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