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Manufacturing of metal-resin composite 3-D illuminated letters

Manufacturing of metal-resin composite 3-D illuminated letters


Since the development of advertising letter signs, there have been a variety of three-dimensional luminous letters manufactured, and in the following section, the mature production methods of light sign will be minutely introduced.

Resin LED letter sign is also called liquid acrylic sign, light sign, etc. It is made by resin casting. In the previous processing methods, mold is required, and it is difficult to make a letter sign successfully without proficient skill and patience. Besides, the resin is more brittle, once there is a defect, you will lose all your efforts. Now, our product metal-resin composite completely solves these problems.

To make the resin LED letter, firstly use the glass platform to make the edge, and then use the facade seals to form a frame. As for the bottom layer, non-woven fabric or plain strip fabric is placed, and then a layer of resin and a layer of alkali-free fiberglass cloth are set. Put on the resin to form an even layer. After it is cured, cut it to the specific size required by the customer. As we use modified resin imported from foreign country, it is soft within 10 hours after curing. Put the facade seals together to create the shape of a letter on the glass platform, then place the edge strips into the inner side of the resin strip and cast the resin, and put the invisible fiber into the inner corner of the frame to form a shape, which is packed with composite aluminum foil, resulting in the final shape of the luminous letter sign. This method is simple and easy to operate, with no complicated molding techniques. It saves labor and materials, and achieves uniform light distribution and high brightness thanks to the addition of the light guiding powder.

As for metal-composite composite illuminated letters, it is manufactured by polishing one side of a color steel plate into a rough surface, and then coating the surface with a resin fiber cloth. The processing of letter shells and lighting fixtures is the same as above. This method is simpler, because it does not emit light from sides, and has a higher brightness. The cost is much lower, while it is endowed with incomparable strength. As it is completely enclosed, there is no water or ash entering into the letter sign, so it can maintain a bright and beautiful appearance for a long time.

Compared with the blistering, the above production method does not require equipment. The manufactured product has a 3-dimensional effect and is not limited by the size of the sheet.

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