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Injection molding process of acrylic board

Injection molding process of acrylic board


Injection molded acrylic board is a very common type of board. Here are some keys to pay attention to in the injection molding process. Acrylic has a water absorption rate of 0.3% to 0.4%; however, its injection molding should be carried out at 0.04% humidity. The water in the acrylic causes bubbles, gas ray, and reduced transparency in the melt. Therefore, it is necessary to dry the acrylic before injection molding, and the drying temperature is better to reach 80-90°C, along with a period of more than 3 hours. Acrylic boards can be recycled. The actual amount of recycled materials is added according to the quality of acrylic board that you need.

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Acrylic melt viscosity is high, requiring deeper grooves and larger-diameter nozzle holes. If the strength of the acrylic board is required to be high, a long-diameter screw is required for low-temperature plasticization. Acrylic mold temperature can be 60-80°C. The thickness of the acrylic board should be considered to choose the appropriate diameter of the main channel and the internal taper. The temperature of the melt is generally between 210°C and 270°C. The injection temperature plays a role in accelerating the injection. However, to avoid high internal stress, it is best to use multi-stage injection. If the temperature is 260°C, the residence time should be no more than 10 minutes. If the temperature is 270°C, the residence time should not exceed 8 minutes.

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