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How to deal with the ageing of acrylic

How to deal with the ageing of acrylic


With the wide application of plexiglass (acrylic products), people start realize that this new material brings us great convenience, enriches our life, and adds a beautiful color to our night. However, due to the extensive application of society, the past social regular pattern tells us that when a thing develops rapidly, it brings great development to society, and its harm is unprecedented. Plexiglass (acrylic products) also has a certain service life. When aging, it will certainly bring some harm to society.                

Now let's talk about how to deal with these problems at home and abroad.   

1. Separation and decomposition technology. At present, foreign technology is more maturer in this area. Melting point and softening point are different for acrylic and resin, so the resin can be extracted by science and technology according to the content of resin in acrylic. Of course, it will not endanger the atmospheric environment and land resources.

2. Burning and landfilling. It is the most commonly used way in China. But burning landfills pollutes the environment and wastes land resources. Increasing the cost of governance in the later stage of society.

3. Crafts. Speaking of this may be a little confused, How can there be a handling way of handicraft? This is only among a small number of fans, they use waste organic glass (acrylic products) to produce a variety of handicraft, very artistic. But this is not the most important thing they believe, because they ultimately want to express the rational use of aging and waste organic glass (acrylic products).

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