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How to Choose Illuminated Signs: LED Acrylic Signs vs LED Epoxy Resin Signs

How to Choose Illuminated Signs: LED Acrylic Signs vs LED Epoxy Resin Signs


At present, the commonly used types of luminous signs are neon signs, LED acrylic signs and LED epoxy resin signs. Neon signs have now been replaced by more energy-efficient and brighter LED signs, and we will not go into details here. More strictly speaking, the LED metal backlight sign should be regarded as an LED acrylic signage or LED epoxy resin signage. It is a derivative product, so we will not introduce it in detail.

From the point of view of the light-emitting way, illuminated signs can be divided into front-lit signals, back-lit signals, side-lit signals and whole-lit signals. This table can allow you to understand the LED acrylic sign and the LED epoxy resin sign, and you may have different outcomes as both of these sorts of signals are created by different processing technologies.

LED Acrylic Signs

LED Epoxy Resin Signs


Front-lit Signs



Back-lit Signs



Side-lit Signs



Whole-lit Signs



Advantages & Disadvantages of LED Acrylic Signs and LED Epoxy Resin Signs

Each kind of LED illuminated signs has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some key points showed for you.

LED Acrylic Sign


1: LED acrylic signs have tidy lighting edge. 

2: Acrylic LED signs can possess many different light-emitting ways.

3: These signs have good maintainability.


1. The price is a bit higher compared to that of LED epoxy resin signage. 

2. The light uniformity is a bit worse compared to that of LED epoxy resin signs. 

3. Since the entire structure is not strictly sealed, strict processing technology and skilled technicians are required to complete the waterproof/dustproof processing. (This can be done by our company.)

LED Epoxy Resin Sign


1: The LED epoxy resin sign is cheaper than the similar acrylic signs.

2: These signs have even and gentle lighting.

3: These signs are completely waterproof and dustproof.


1. LED epoxy resin signs are totally sealed by resin and so they cannot be repaired.  

2. The border of the paint part will impact the essence of lighting edges subtly. (No need for painted white signs and stainless steel frame signs.) 

3. These signs don’t have side-lit/whole-lit impact.

Choices between LED Acrylic Signs and LED Epoxy Resin Signs

This is additional information on water/dust resistance. Both the LED acrylic sign and the LED epoxy resin sign can be attained the water-proof and dust-proof impact. However, there are some differences. The LED epoxy sign can be realized by its principle because the sign is completely filled with epoxy. The LED acrylic signage can be achieved process level which needs high-precision cutting and fabrication. Therefore, although both signs can be waterproof/dustproof, we recommend using the LED epoxy resin sign if waterproof/dustproof is required.

From the information above, you will see that LED epoxy resin signage is more suitable for outdoor signage or when the line of sight is greater than 1 m. When used as an indoor sign or with a viewing distance of less than 1 m, the best choice is to use white letters or stainless steel frame signs. In addition, if you need stainless steel backlit outdoor signs or aluminium backlit outdoor signs, it is best to choose epoxy as the filler material. In this way, the backlight effect will be more uniform, and a completely waterproof/dustproof effect can also be achieved. But doing so also would also lose the maintainability of the letters. In addition, this kind of signs is also very suitable for some special environments (such as high humidity environments).

When side-lit signs or whole-lit signs are required, LED acrylic signs are a kind of good choices. Although the LED epoxy resin sign can achieve side-lit and whole-lit light effects, it is easy to see their LED’s luminous point, and the visual effect is very poor. If illuminated signs are needed to display within a line of sight of less than 1 meter, and the bezel must be colored, the LED acrylic signage is also recommended. Because their luminous edges are very neat.

After reading this article, I believe you will know how to choose LED illuminated signs. Although the LED epoxy resin signage is a revolution in advertising products and it can even emit light and can work at low prices in a variety of environments, LED acrylic signs also have their own advantages in some situations. You can select the appropriate signs according to your needs. If you still don’t know how to choose, you can contact us. We are an expert in all kinds of signs and we will provide professional suggestions for you.

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