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Engraving tips for acrylic advertising signs

Engraving tips for acrylic advertising signs


Many materials are used in advertising signs, such as acrylic, PVC, two-color board, padauk-imitated board and marble-imitated board. Though the materials are different, there is no difference in the setting of the advertising engraving machine. In fact, the quality of the production quality is decided by the processing technology of the engraving. Under this, we take the acrylic advertising sign as an example to introduce the engraving tips to the peers in advertising design, advertising production, arts and crafts, hotel supplies, and decoration industries. 

Acrylic advertising sign, made of acrylic substrates, is formed based on blanking and is processed by the latest Japanese surface treatment technology. The product features easy carving, easy coloring and excellent adhesion. Since the surface has been treated, it is not necessary to process the surface after the coloring of the engraved parts at the later stage. Hence, the operation is simple, the processing cost is low, and the product is indeformable, odorless, and excellent in moisture resistance. 

Tip 1: Three-dimensional engraving (some call it two-half-dimensional engraving) scheme is recommended in setting the engraving, and the 90-degree cone cutter could be used for engraving. This would visually weaken the roughness of the acrylic engraving surface. 

Tip 2: When setting the engraving, do not have layered engraving, and set it to the optimal depth at one time. This can be achieved by changing the cutter. This is because the layered engraving will have a stack of marks, affecting the smoothness of the paint on the engraved parts. 

Tip 3: Since the surface of the workpiece is affixed with a sticky note before engraving, you can operate with confidence when putting color in. Directly use the brush to fill the color, which saves paint and labor, and the effect is not bad. 

Tip 4: When using self-painting to fill the color, spray the paint on the paper cup for 15 minutes, and then fill it with a brush. Otherwise, the highly corrosive thinner of the paint will damage the paint surface of the workpiece. 

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