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Detailed explanation of the method of processing the acrylic products

Detailed explanation of the method of processing the acrylic products


Cutting material is one of the most important aspects in the processing of acrylic products. What is the specific method of cutting materials? Let's take a look.

The material is cut from a whole sheet of acrylic sheet (the usual conventional acrylic sheet is 2440*1220mm and 2500*1500mm) into several small pieces by saw blade.

In this process we have to notice that because of the thickness of the saw blade of the cutting machine, the acrylic sheet with a thickness of 20mm or less usually has a thickness of 2mm (the thickness of the sheet of more than 20mm will have a thickness of 3mm). There is a problem of dimensional deviation during the cutting process, so we need to accurately calculate the dimensional deviation of the acrylic after processing.

For example, if the required size of the acrylic product is 10mm, we need to reserve an additional 4mm (including 2mm saw blade thickness and 2mm flat planer thickness).

Of course, in the processing of acrylic products, there are more or less tolerance problems. As long as you pay attention to the above details, you can control the acrylic machining tolerance within the normal acrylic tolerance.

The above are the methods and points of the acrylic material opening. As long as we master these methods, we will be able to master the method well in the process of cutting.

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