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Common sense of use of acrylic products

Common sense of use of acrylic products


Everyone may encounter some unexpected situations in the process of using acrylic products. In order to avoid to act with confusion when encountering problems, we need to know some common sense of using acrylic products. After reading, you will definitely get a reference.

1. Acrylic should be scrubbed with soft cloth. Never use any cleaning agent containing granular objects. Do not use various chemical solvents for scrubbing.

2. Acrylic polishing, if it is a small scratch, you can wipe it directly with toilet paper or a rag with a little toothpaste.

3. Acrylic is easy to crack, and attention should be paid to surface protection when placed.

4. The coefficient of thermal expansion of acrylic is large. When placing or fixing, the space for expansion caused by temperature changes should be fully considered.

5. When the heating temperature is about 70 degrees, the acrylic will be deformed. When the heating temperature is above 100 degrees, it will soften, so it should be avoided to apply to environments above 100 degrees.      


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