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Are LED Lights signs Better than Neon Word lights?

Are LED Lights signs Better than Neon Word lights?


We are faced with more and more misunderstanding of led lights signs. A number of LED companies constantly spread incorrect information about neon products in order to promote their LED lights - currently, the most competitive alternatives to neon lights. 

This article is intended to correct all those misconceptions of neon lights, giving interior designers, stores, restaurants, room, bars,wall , and individuals peace of mind to opt for equally beautiful custom neon word lights, neon art work, neon letters, and neon light box to advertise their brands or add glamour & shine to the room.

LED Lights signs

Myth1: “Neon Signs” and “LED Neon Signs” Mean the Same Thing.

The Neon signs were invented in the early 1900s, with a history of over 100 years. They are entirely made by hand as sophisticated skills are required when bending the tube into shape over a hot flame without breaking it.

In comparison, the neon light signs for home are made up of a number of tiny bulbs or light-emitting diodes and plastic or acrylic enclosure. They are mainly manufactured by machinery, fast and accurate.

When you ask for quotes of neon light or LED signs, it is important to know their differences. Some companies might advertise their products as neon when it is in fact LED. Do not be confused by it.

Myth2: Neon Signs are Hazardous as They Contain Toxic Chemicals and Gases.

Neon signs indeed use inert gases to produce light, mainly neon gas, argon gas, and the combination of both. These two gases exist in the air we breathe. Although argon-filled neon signs do have a very tiny amount of mercury vapor inside, it exposes to the air only when the signs are broken. At Cosun,  tubes with extremely high impact resistance are used to ensure the high level of safety. You could have peace of mind to use our neon light signs for home.

In addition, there is no need to worry too much about what if the signs are broken. Only prolonged exposure to mercury vapor is harmful. Everything is fine if you quickly and properly dispose of the broken neon signs. 

Myth3: Neon Signs are Less Eco-friendly than LED signs.

All components of the neon sign are recyclable. Most of the neon word lights for sale now produced work at less than 100w illumination. Although they might consume more power than the LED lights, they are not as energy-consuming as said by LED companies.

Therefore, unless you are looking for a large neon display, the neon signs can be as energy-efficient as the LEDs. 

Myth4: Neon Lights Produced Lots of Heat.

This statement is really far from the truth. After long-time running, the neon sign could become slightly warm but definitely would not burn you.

Besides, if the neon signs have been engineered with the right transformer and manufactured correctly, they would even not get hot at all. You should buy your signs from the experienced custom neon word lights maker.

Myth5: Neon Lights are Less Bright and Long-lasting than LEDs.

It is true that neon light signs custom are brighter than neon signs at the beginning. However, the brightness of LED signs fades over time while neon ones could remain their initial brightness for years.

What’s more, the LED signs are usually made up of many tiny bulbs. Thus, the failure of one bulb could cause a dull spot on the LED sign.

Neon signs are indeed a circular tube. They can emit a 360 degree light while the LED lights can only light up a certain direction.

Myth6: Neon Signs Work at High Voltage, thus More Dangerous.

Most neon light signs for the room typically operate from an 8,000V self-calibrating transformer. That is, the neon sign might actually only need to use 6,000V of the 8,000V available. This is still a high voltage, but they are only 20mA current.

In addition, the neon sign transformers are often fitted with open circuit and leakage protection. It means that if the neon signs get broken, the power is automatically cut off, hence no risk of electrocution.

Myth 7: A Fireman’s Switch is Necessary If Installing Neon Word Signs.

It is partly true. But only when your neon word light is hard-wired into the mains electricity supply or the illumination exceeds 100W, it is necessary to install a fireman’s switch. 

Many exhibition venues might insist on using a fire's switch no matter how the circumstance is, but it is not compulsory in legal.

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