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Advantages and disadvantages of acrylic

Advantages and disadvantages of acrylic


Advantages and disadvantages of acrylic

The use of acrylic is not long enough in China. It has been widely used in daily life in foreign countries. In order to spread the knowledge of acrylic, here are three tricks to identity it. 

1. By the acrylic protective paper and brand. Formal companies have images that are standard from such perspectives in general. 

2. By the transparency of the acrylic. This is the most important thing. Tear off the protective paper and check the transparency of the acrylic under the light. The blue and yellowish ones are made of recycled materials. If they are new materials, the plates would have higher transparency. The standard transparency of acrylic is 92%. It is more transparent than glass. The highly transparent acrylic continues being transparent after being processed into a product. It is almost the same as the surface. So we must make sure the transparency of acrylic. 

3. By the thickness tolerance of the acrylic. The saying is the smaller the tolerance, the better the acrylic. The selection of thickness tolerance depends on needs. If you do some craftworks and gifts, display stands, display supplies, this will not have any influence. However, if you want to make some lens panels, product accessories, etc., you must specify relevant standards in advance with relevant manufacturers.

Please choose the honest, quality-reliable, professional acrylic manufacturers to serve you, and your choices would be more effective.

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