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Acrylic seamless hot pressing technology

Acrylic seamless hot pressing technology


Acrylic plays a very important role in today's society. It is widely used and plays an important role in military, medical, engineering, decoration, scientific research, and commercial fields. The latest acrylic seamless layer crystal technology can be widely used in crystal medals, badges, menus, signage, no smoking cards, conference cards, reserved cards, department cards, badges, chest badges, desk cards, table cards, wine dishes Brands, signs, door number plates, etc., products can be used in hotels, shopping malls, offices, schools, factories and other enterprises and institutions.

The transparent plexiglass is heated at a suitable temperature by a laminating machine, then cooled, and then etched, polished, and polished, and the finished label has a smooth, bright, and crystal-clear surface. Since the acrylic material has good transparency, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, the grade of the product is improved.

First, creative design: the color pattern of the product can be arbitrarily designed, and can be combined by various techniques such as screen printing or engraving. The shape can be designed according to the needs of the product.

Second, scraping layer and laminating rubber: In the process of processing, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of acrylic and laminating materials, and it is best to choose colorless and transparent. Choose a dust-free workshop, make a 100-200 screen plates, scrape it over acrylic, let it dry naturally.                  

Third. Hot pressing: first check the acrylic with the glue applied. If there is dust on the top, first clean it. After cleaning, put the picture that has been designed and printed(printed, preferably with PVC) on the two pieces. The middle of the acrylic is hot pressed.

Forth. Engraving: The acrylic sheet that has been laminated is engraved according to the figure.

Fifth. Grinding and polishing: After polishing and polishing, the products are cleaned up and the process is completed. After the production, the signs are bright, the surface is smooth and crystal clear.

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