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Acrylic products have entered the field of home furiously

Acrylic products have entered the field of home furiously


Acrylic material has been introduced into China for nearly 100 years since 1990s. Acrylic chemical name PMMA, also known as acrylic or plexiglass, belongs to propylene alcohols. Because of its excellent transparency, less fragility and better weather resistance than glass, it is widely used in outdoor advertising and outdoor decoration fields, such as acrylic products, light boxes, signboards, neon lights and so on.  

Acrylic products

According to industry insiders, compared with glass, plastics and other materials, acrylic has more than 95% light transmittance, strong plasticity, easy processing and resistance to damage. It is a new type of material that can completely replace glass. One reason why acrylic can be popular at home is that it is easy to dye and appearance graceful, there are more than 40 kinds of acrylic materials, far higher than glass.

Combined with the advantages of acrylic, acrylic materials will be more and more widely used in home.    

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