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Acrylic Letters Are A Cost-Effective Way to Present Your Business

Acrylic Letters Are A Cost-Effective Way to Present Your Business


There are many ways to tell people the name of your company. The most straightforward way is to create a custom-made logo or sign, a visual symbol that represents your business. The sign letters can be made in acrylic or metal.

How Are 3D Acrylic Letters Made?

Acrylic letters are cut out from a flat solid acrylic sheet by a laser. They can be made into various thicknesses and colors. The laser-cut acrylic letters often come with a smooth polished edge. Each acrylic letter is secured by mounting hardware. Acrylic letters can be laminated with metal veneer to deliver a rich and shimmering look.

What Makes Acrylic Letters Different?

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly DIY sign, then choose acrylic letters. The solid, laser-cut acrylic letters can provide a high-end look with precise and polished edges, just as good as the metal letters. But the acrylic signs are more lightweight and safer. They are guaranteed for many years against fading, chipping, or cracking of paint. 

Moreover, these plastic letters are more flexible in design, easily shaped into a wide variety of standard and custom fonts and graphics. 

Are Acrylic Letters and Signs Perfect for Outdoor Use?

The custom acrylic letters, numbers, and logos look great whether from near or afar. They are great for being used both indoors and outdoors. The acrylic materials have excellent durability and chemical resistance. Thus the acrylic signs can withstand any weather conditions outdoors, whether being extremely hot or cold, stormy or hailing. They also highly resist fading in direct UV sunlight. 

However, if the acrylic lettering is laminated with a metal veneer, it is not desired for the outdoor use because its edges will chip over time. 

Generally, letters used outdoors should be painted so that they can stand out from the crowd and catch attention more easily. Semi-glossy and glossy painting finishes are recommended in this case.

When it comes to interior acrylic letters, things are quite different. A too shiny and reflecting sign could make your customers and employees easily get distracted or annoyed. You should go for matte or flat finishes. If you think this might be a little dull, Backlighting can be used to add some shimmering effect to the letters.

Are Acrylic Signs Expensive?

Compared to signs made from metals including aluminum, brass, or bronze, custom acrylic letters are rather affordable. 

Besides, the acrylic material is also easy to maintain, doesn’t degrade over time. It can remain its initial beauty for many years.

Is It Easy to Install Acrylic Letters?

When used outdoors, the acrylic letters are usually glued by mounting hardware like a stub. Depending on the thickness, the stub could be either screwed into the back of the letter or be mounted to the wall. If the sign is too thin, it might require a stand-off to hold the stub.

When used indoors, double face tape is highly recommended to apply for the installation. But it requires a smooth, non-porous surface. We suggest adding a layer of silicone or epoxy beads to the double-sided adhesive to get extra support.

All in all, you can install 3D acrylic signs on virtually any wall surface using stub or double face tapes, including interior office drywall, exterior brick, stone, metal sliding, etc. With high quality and precisely- crafted acrylic letters, you can finish the installation in minutes.

3D Acrylic Letters Are a Worthwhile Investment

The logo/sign you choose plays a significant role in how your customers view your company. A low-quality sign can leave an unreliable impression. If you are looking for installing a sign, interior or exterior, 3D acrylic letters are an effective way to show your professionalism and build trust with your potential customers. They are definitely a triple punch of durability, functionality, and class for your business.

Dimensional sign letters can add texture to the front door of your company with drop shadows that catch customers’ eyes. They are available in a wide variety of surface finishes, thus you can always find the perfect fit for your business type and your company decoration style. And sign letters with a smooth and delicate finish can make your company look clean and professional. 

Moreover, well-design, aesthetically appealing 3D letters could bring better visibility for your business, which can ultimately increase your sales. Do you know how effective business signage is to generate an impression? It is estimated that 85% of customers view your company signage about 60 times each month. Such a frequency of impression could subconsciously encourage the purchasing decision of your prospective customers. As you know, customers are surprisingly impulsive.

Now, get started to make your business name stand out by mounting DIY acrylic letters on your building or lobby wall. Working with Cosun, a signage professional, can prevent you from worrying about your letters chipping or cracking. We ensure that your custom acrylic sign letters will stand the test of time. Most importantly, we can enhance your brand image by customizing striking, eye-pleasing 3D acrylic letters for your business.

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